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Become a Member

Find out more information about the Toastmasters clubs in Hong Kong, the language they use at their meetings, their meeting time and venues. Try to attend their meetings as a guest first. If you are over the age of eighteen, you are eligible to become a member of Toastmasters clubs that are open to the public.

You are always welcome to visit any club as a guest before becoming a member. Sometimes an entrance fee may be charged for sharing the venue rental cost.

Each regular meeting usually features Table Topics, Prepared Speeches and Evaluations sessions. Table Topics participants will be encouraged to think on their feet and express themselves without preparation by delivering a brief, impromptu speech lasting one and a half minutes. The prepared speech session usually includes three to four speech projects on various topics. Every prepared speech speaker will receive a constructive evaluation by a fellow member during the Evaluations session. The Evaluations session allows for the acknowledgement of each member's speaking strengths and to provide feedback on ways the speakers might improve. The Evaluations session also provides comments on the overall performance of the meeting.

To become a member of a Toastmasters club that is open to the public, simply hand in the application form together with the club dues to the Club's VP of Membership or any club officer. Normally, club dues are paid annually and pro-rata, depending on the month that you joined the club. Membership dues charged by Clubs vary depending on venue and frequency of meeting.

Membership Application Form

For enquiries, please contact us at:  enquiries@hongkong-toastmasters.org