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Event Title District 89 Division HKG Christmas Party
Event Type Division Events
Event Description / Event Flyer
It's Sheriff Wilson Yau. Thanks to the invention of smartphone, Apple's iphone 5 and Samsung Galaxy Note 2 successfully captured Andy's heart. He is addicted to iphone and android games and we are abandoned again. 

Buzz Lightyear will start his space journey while Jessie and Wilson decided to go home. However, Stinky Pete had gone home earlier and he had taken full control of Wild West! As he is a very seasoned toastmasters, Jessie and I totally can't argue with him. We know that Stinky Pete will hold a Wild West Christmas Party, this will be our last chance to persuade Stinky Pete for allowing us home.

As Wilson searched in internet and found that division HKG has lots of champions and excellent speakers. May I beg for your help to come Wild West and help Jessie and Wilson. Let's come and make a persuasive speech (CC9) on behalf of us!  Wilson guarantee that you must have an excellent night with lots of fun in Wild West!
Date:                             16-Dec-2012 (Sun)
Gathering Time:              18:30 [Get on Wild West Express]
Time:                             19:15 - 22:30 [Wild West Journey]
Gathering Venue:            Shing Hin - Police Officer's Club
Gathering Address:         28 Hung Hing Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Cuisine:                         Western Buffet + 2 drinks
Dress Code:                   Jeans and Check (pattern of crossed lines forming squares)
Ticket:                           $350 [Early Bird (Before 30/11): $320]
Equiry:                           Wilson Yau (wilson.yau@gmail.com)




Organiser District 89 Division HKG
Start Date 2012-December-16
Start Time 1830
Finish Date 2012-December-16
Finish Time 2230
Registration Deadline 2012-11-05 - 2012-12-16

Police Officer's Club (Shing Hin)

28 Hung Hing Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Fee and Payment Instruction

Admission Fee: $350, Early Bird: $320 [before 30/11/2012]

For Enquiries Wilson Yau (wilson.yau@gmail.com)