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What is Toastmasters?

Toastmasters is a worldwide non-profit-making educational organization founded in 1924 dedicated to improving its members' communication and leadership skills. Members are comprised of people from all walks of life, including business people, professionals and students.

Every Toastmasters club follows the same time-tested
educational programs. These programs are continually updated to meet participants' needs. The self-paced programs allow members to progress as rapidly or gradually as one's needs dictate.

Toastmasters meetings are held at various locations, mostly on a weekday evening, ranging from 2 - 4 times a month. You'll be sure to find a club that fits your needs.

Toastmasters Meetings

At Toastmasters, members learn by speaking to an audience and working with fellow members in a supportive environment. A typical Toastmasters club is made up of 20 to 40 members who meet twice a month for about two hours.

Members can take different meeting roles in each Toastmasters meeting.

Each meeting gives everyone an opportunity to practice:

Prepared Speech - members present speeches based on projects from the Toastmasters International Communication manuals. Projects cover such topics as speech organization, voice, language, gestures, persuasion, etc...

Impromptu Speaking - members present one-to two-minute speeches on assigned topics without prior preparation. It helps to train speakers to think on their feet.

Evaluations - Every prepared speaker is assigned an evaluator who points out speech strengths and offers suggestions for improvement. Speech Evaluators learn to provide effective and constructive feedback to others.

What's in it for You?...
Upon joining a Toastmasters club, each new Toastmaster receives a New-Member Kit.

The kit features a copy of the basic Communication manual and the Leadership manual. It also contains general orientation materials and information regarding skill improvement in areas such as speech evaluation and the use of gestures. The initial prepared speeches, as outlined in the basic Communication manual, are designed with the new Toastmaster in mind.

Each Toastmaster will also receive the award-winning "
The Toastmaster."

Toastmasters Leadership Program
As a Toastmaster, one can develop both communication and leadership skills.

Leadership cannot be learned in a day. It takes practice. In Toastmasters, members build leadership skills by organizing and conducting meetings and motivating others to help them. Club leadership roles and a leadership development program, as outlined in the basic Leadership manual, offer members opportunities to learn and practice. Just as members learn to speak simply by speaking, they learn leadership by leading.
Toastmasters Development Tracks

Upon completion of the basic Communication and Leadership programs, Toastmasters may participate in the advanced programs. In the advanced Communication program, participants may choose from specific business-oriented topics such as Speeches by Management and Technical Presentations.